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Piston rods and pistons

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The quality of the friction surfaces is extremely important to ensure that the sealing components work efficiently. For an optimal seal, CASTANET can also supply :

Piston rods

PISTON RODSThe piston rods and packing rings are interdependent in providing an efficient seal and form a “pair”.
This is why CASTANET supplies highly reliable piston rods from alloy or treated stainless steel for all types of gas. Heat treatments including stress-relieving, precision machining and recommendation of rolled threads to ensure the reliability of our products rolled threads to ensure the reliability of our products.

Piston rods are often manufactured with conventional surface treatment processes . Castanet has chosen to use high quality coatings in order to solve the problems of wear due to friction, abrasion or corrosion when the compressors operate intermittently or are unused for long periods.

Surface treatments approved by CASTANET can greatly increase the life of piston rods and that of packing rings, thus ensuring optimum sealing.

At each stage of their manufacture, the coated piston rods are subjected to an extremely stringent quality program, where each phase is rigorously monitored from the supply of raw materials to the final grinding (provision of all certificates). After each critical machining (roughing, before and after coating, final), the rods undergo non-destructive checks.


Cylinder liners

Cylinder linersTo maximise the life of our piston and rider rings, CASTANET is able to provide custom-made cylinder liners for any operating conditions. They are made from high quality centrifugal cast iron, and in sizes ranging up to 1,000 mm diameter and 1,500 mm length.

Our cylinder liners are available in a wide range of materials

Our cylinder liners may be supplied with the same coatings as the piston rods. This offers the same advantages regarding corrosion and wear. It can significantly improve the service life of piston rings and rider rings.




PistonIn addition to piston rods, CASTANET also manufactures complete pistons from materials like steel, cast iron or aluminium alloys.
In most cases, we offer multi-piece aluminium pistons with effective solutions to prevent wear to piston grooves.









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