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Our company specializes in sealing systems for reciprocating compressors

For over 35 years, CASTANET has specialized in the development and production of sealing systems for reciprocating compressors used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

At all levels of the company, CASTANET’s highly competent personnel provide top-quality service, in both the supply of sealing components and the search for new technical solutions.

Always attentive to its customers’ needs, CASTANET is a dependable partner and trusted resource you can rely on to help you resolve supply or technical problems.

Our products for compressors are crucial for the smooth functioning of your production facilities; you can depend on our know-how to offer you "customized" solutions perfectly adapted to the specific nature of your applications.

With the benefit of our long experience in the field of compression, we can work together with you to help you increase the reliability and improve the performance of your equipment.

Our production flexibility is also a definite plus, particularly when you are facing emergency repairs and urgent orders, since our highly responsive team can offer you very short production lead times.

- Experience and Quality at your service -

Reciprocating compressors fitted with our sealing components are used in a great number of industrial sectors for air or process gas compression

  • OIL AND GAS (Refineries, Offshore drilling platforms)
  • CHEMICALS and AGRO-CHEMISTRY (fertilizers)
  • NATURAL GAS (Production, Compression stations, Storage stations)
  • AGRI-FOOD (Breweries, Sugar refineries, Refrigeration)
  • PET BLOW MOULDING (40 bar air compressors for blow-moulding PET bottles)

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