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Piston rings for reciprocating compressor

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Main functions of compression rings :

piston rings reciprocating compressorPiston rings, mounted on the pistons of lubricated or non-lube (oil free) compressors, are designed to ensure that the gas is compressed and to provide a seal between the piston and the cylinder.

The piston ring is an essential part of a reciprocating compressor, as it enables the requested or required performance in terms of flow rates and pressures to be achieved..

High-performance piston rings :

To optimize these characteristics the leakage rate must be kept to a minimum, which is why CASTANET :

Different  types of cut and configurations are studied to minimize residual leakage and the effects of wear on sealing performance.

All of these technical solutions enable the service life of the compressors to be extended and thus reduce operating costs (improved volumetric efficiency, increased service between scheduled overhauls).


Piston rings reciprocating compressor